For Best Quality Only



For Best Quality Only

The marketplace for quality startups

Buy or sell – in accordance with the 90-day rule




Purchase piggyback – then you ensure quality.

Many large investors want to invest in start-ups. However, they attach great importance to quality.

Buyers buy a bundle of many shares in many start-ups.

In every industry there are start-ups with quality and real potential. Those start-ups have to be found. The investment managers in the venture market recognize the quality and invest.

Our goal for you?

Achieve a start-up portfolio of the highest quality

We want you to join these experts for good investments.

So that you benefit just as much from the performance as the professional investors in the respective segment

The quality results – from the 90-day rule

Third-party tested – this is how you usually justify decisions. And if you think in terms of portfolio themes: You may diversify on two levels.

Please find out on the linked subpage which aspects are important for your portfolio and quality management from the buyer’s point of view.

Business angels sell with the 90-day-rule


Sell in time – and you realize a fair market value.

Business angels in particular would rather sell after a few years than wait and see how the start-up develops.

Sellers sell their shares individually through us.

Sellers can then do a lot with the proceeds: Many invest it again. In order to then invest where their good advice is very much needed – expecially in the start-up phase of start-ups. 

This is why we say:

Don’t wait too long

Sellers may sell long time before a final exit.

Every sale is in line with the market. With us, the basis for pricing your share is a banal rule of three. It is based on the valuation of the current round. 

The selling price is determined – thanks to the 90-day rule

Thus, you better sell as long as the third-party valuation is valid. This following number turns to become a magic number for sellers.

On the linked subpage you can read what you can do specifically to get a significant step closer to a sale. You are very welcome to sell your share.

Third-party audited – by the 90-day rule

Date at the notary + 90 days = quality


Up to 90 days after the notary

On this secondary market shares in startups are sold.

All of those have recently closed a financing round. It was completed at a notary within the last 90 days before sellers register for a deal: Only those shares are allowed to be listed for sale with us.

Business angels in particular increasingly want to sell individual shares in start-ups.

A magic number for investors?


90. This makes deals much easier. For a reason.

A number that creates trust

How is trust in quality of the start-up and the purchase price achieved?

Due to the proximity of a financing round, there is a high degree of confidence between buyers and sellers regarding (a) startup liquidity, (b) viability of the business model, and (c) the reasonable price.

The 90-day-rule ensures quality and creates the necessary trust.

Buyers acquire piggyback

And thus build up a portfolio with tested quality


Co-invest. 3rd party-audited.

Piggyback, You better co-invest huckepack

We have created three documents for large investors. We will be happy to send these to you.

You can request this on the following page in order to secure your investment decision.

Third-party audited

Build up your portfolio piggyback

Our investors acquire markets.

That will cost you a few million euros. To do this, you purchase shares in startups in your sub-sectors and cover your selected start-up market. Thus, you piggyback on the expertise of many lead investors.

You may co-invest in entire markets. 

Almost anyone can build a portfolio of third-party verified startups in the markets. You too.

You step in to reach the entire market. For this you use the expertise of the lead investors.

As easy as on the stock-exchange

Quick – with less effort only

Evalutions and examinations are avoidable.

A current valuation of the start-up in question is already available. This eliminates, or at least significantly minimizes, time-consuming due diligence inspections and individual interactions with the startup founders.

The work is done.

The valuations are available. All you have to do is take the money into your hands to shop with it.

With the reference to the current round, we have simplified it significantly. For now and later.

Read more and discuss it with us

A small bookshelf of advanced knowledge


To know

More to know

Of your competence

Enter experts’ discussions

Secondary markets are already common in many places. The knowledge can be developed.

So please feel free to participate in a broad conversation.

As a result, many other market participants can also receive important specialist information. All of them, therefore, may better understand many crucial aspects.

For a bundled expertise

Read and follow others

Learn interesting details about the secondary market.

Legal and basic market expertise are frequently not enough to succeed in the startup industry.

More is needed.

Success-based commission – paid by the sellers

We only charge a commission if a sale is successful. Depending on the individual case, this is between 5 and 6% of the sales price. We will agree to the exact amount with you individually.

We will contact you after registration for everything else.