The 90-Day Rule

For a reasonable selling price


90-Day Rule

For a reasonable selling price

90 days – so that the price is right immediately

Sell it – at a fair valuation

1. Consider the 90 days

If your startup’s most recent round of funding was notarized less than 90 days ago?

You may then register with us for a subsequent sale.

2. Upload your share details

Enter the current valuation as of the most recent round of funding along with details.

The necessary documents can later be used to support this value.

3. Sell to an Investor

Our investors create their own piggyback portfolios for purchasing shares in startups.

We charge a commission only after a purchase is agreed upon.

You want to sell?

Just do it

It’s up to you:

AllVentures Exchange

You like to sell?

Leave us a message using the registration form.

Or call us at 030-62937270.

The choice is yours:

If you want to sell your start-up share? Then you need to act:

Give us a signal, either by uploading the data or feel free to call us.

Success-based commission – paid by the seller

We only charge a commission if a sale is successful. Depending on the individual case, this is between 5 and 6% of the sales price. We will agree to the exact amount with you individually.

We will contact you after registration for everything else.